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The Wolf was having fish for lunch, when suddenly a tiny bone got stuck in his throat.

The Wolf tried to swallow it but he couldn’t. It started hurting so terribly that the wolf couldn’t bear the pain any longer. He ran out to look for help.

First, he met a Bear. “I would give you anything if you help me take out the bone”, the wolf said. But the Bear’s paw was too big and he couldn’t help.

Then, the Wolf saw his friend Fox. “Please, Fox, I’m in a great pain. If you help me take the bone out, I will give you whatever you want.” The Fox told the Wolf to open his mouth but the bone was stuck too deep in his throat and he couldn’t reach it.

Next, the Wolf met a Crane. “Crane, my friend, I would give you anything if you took out the bone that is stuck in my throat.”

The Crane made the Wolf open his mouth as wide as he could and quickly took out the bone from inside the Wolf’s throat.

“You promised to give me anything if I helped you”, said the Crane...

... but the Wolf just grinned and said “You received your gift already. You put your head inside a Wolf’s mouth. You are still alive and that is the biggest gift I could give you.”