About us

Who are we?

We all are different people, with different background stories, area of competence and personalities but we do have one thing in common – we are all young, full of new ideas and with endless eager to realize them.

Why fairy tales?

We all have that set of fairy tales and fables which we remember from our childhood – whether we read them ourselves or by any of our parents. They are invaluable not only because they help children fall asleep, but also teach them what is good and bad. We want to pass that magical experience from these stories to the kids nowadays – those who use tablets, smartphones and PCs better than us - the adults :)

GiGi's team

Wall of fame

Awesome folks we worked with in the past

Content Management
Dream job as a child
Fairy :)
Favorite fairy tale
The King and his Daughters
Programming Intern
Dream job as a child
Favorite fairy tale
The Little Match Girl